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The website and forums have received some much needed maintenance today.

The main change to the forums has been the consolidation of some of the less used forums. We feel that due to the large number of forums it can be overwhealming and hard to find information. We hope the shorter list will encourage people to get involved!

On the website side, we have removed the Information section and merged them into the Parrots & Birdline UK sections. Once again, hopefully simplifying things.

I have also sadly removed the rotating image above. Unfortunately support for flash seems to be reducing.. plus it slows down the loading of this page.

More to come.

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  • Companion List
    • 21 New birds added
      • Lucky the Pearly Conure - SW9
      • Tika the African Grey - N28
      • Angel & Pluto the Alexandrines - 2343 & 1623
      • Blaze the Fiery Shouldered Conure - 1622
      • Spencer the Senegal - C55
      • Eddie the Brown Headed Parrot - C64
      • Bailey the Bronze Winged Pionus - 1219
      • Charlie & Tiki the Jenday Conures - 1403
      • Owen the Yellow Crowned Amazon - C51
      • Ernie the Timneh Grey - SW40
      • Sam the Orange Winged Amazon & Spielberg the Mealy Amazon - DK27 & DK11
      • Freddy the Blue Fronted Amazon - 1286
      • Coco the Yellow Fronted Amazon - DK103
      • Nellie the Hahn's Macaw & Sonia the Maroon Bellied Conure - 1122 & 1129
      • CJ the Congo African Grey - DK107
      • Cain the Congo African Grey - DK104
      • Connie the Nanday Conure - 590
    • 15 Birds removed
      • Henry the Nanday Conure - 2340
      • Coral the Senegal - 2315
      • Muti the Indian Ringneck - N19
      • Syd the Blue Fronted Amazon - N24
      • Dotty the Blue Fronted Amazon - SW32
      • Percy the Timneh African Grey - SW30
      • Diego the Blue Fronted Amazon - N22
      • Jamie the Blue Fronted Amazon - C68
      • Roman the African Grey - SW19
      • Paddy the African Grey - N23
      • Louie the Orange Winged Amazon - DK3
      • Zippi the Jenday Conure - N5
      • George the Sun Conure - SW31
      • Pepe the Orange Winged Amazon - 1246
      • Oscar the Double Yellow Headed Amazon - SE31
  • Cockatoo List
    • 2 New birds added
      • Samson the Triton Cockatoo - C80
      • Louis the Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo - 728
    • 2 Birds removed
      • Casper the Citroen Crested Cockatoo - N16
      • Dillon the Citroen Crested Cockatoo - N15
  • Aviary List
    • 7 New birds added
      • Rosie & Timmy the Senegals - 903
      • Jimmy & Suzie the Sengals - 854/1617
      • Pete the Rock Pebbler - C84
      • Dib & Dab the Patagonian Conure & Blue Fronted Conure - SW4


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  • Companion List
    • 17 New birds added
      • Lulu the Red Lorded Amazon - SE14
      • Archie the Cockatiel - 2318
      • Pieces the Congo African Grey - 1460
      • Romeo the Yellow Headed Amazon - C45
      • Sparky Moo the Timneh Grey - 1474
      • Archie Timneh Grey - 1771
      • Parky the Timneh Grey - 706
      • Louie the Congo African Grey - 1604
      • Jack Jack the Patagonian Conure - C10
      • Pedro the Timneh Grey - 2123
      • Tango the Sun Conure - 800
      • Jamie the Blue Fronted Amazon - C68
      • Frankie & Louis the Nandy Conures - 1412 & 1782
      • Zac & Nac the Quaker Parrots - C67
      • Chloe the Mealy Amazon - C36
  • Cockatoo List
    • 3 New birds added.
      • Charlie the Goffin Cockatoo - 1789
      • Lola the Bare Eyed Cockatoo - C63
      • Cleo the LS Cockatoo - N13
  • Aviary List
    • 2 New birds added.
      • Rosy & Kandi the Lovebirds- 1487

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Posted in: Re-Homing
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